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Automatic Peanut Candy Making Machine for Sale


Peanut Candy Making Machine
The peanut candy production line consists of roasting machines, peanut peeling machines, sugar cooking pot, mixers, spreaders, fully automatic dicing machines, cooling conveyors, and packaging machines. The peanut candy making machine adopts intelligent manual interface control technology, frequency adjustment and synchronization, PLC control of cutting length, 7-roller molding, good molding function, accurate cut length, consistent product weight, continuous production of the whole machine, and automatic production of peanut sugar . The production line adopts variable frequency adjustment, precise cutting size and good molding degree; the continuous production of the whole production line don’t need people to connect, realizing a fully automatic and intelligent operation.
We all know that there are a lot of peanut candy making machine in the market, but the stickiness of sugar is very strong, and it is easy to stick on the cutter. Once the sugar sticks to the knife, it will destroy the appearance of peanut sugar, resulting in different sizes and shapes. Lead to it is not beautiful, bad taste and other issues.The fully automatic dicing machine used in our company's peanut candy production line consists of a main base, a moving rack, a slicing device and a transmission placed on the main base. The moving rack is placed on the square track of the main base and moves. The rack is connected with the transmission through a pinion gear, the slicing device is connected with the main base through the moving rack, and the slicing device and the transmission are connected through a chain transmission mechanism.The thickness of final product can be adjusted steplessly, and can make different size of peanut candy. And it will not sticking knife. The produced peanut candy has uniform thickness, beautiful shape and good taste. Simple structure, low cost, safe use, energy saving.
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