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How To Slice Garlic Paper Thin?


How to slice garlic paper thin? If someone has done this, you should know that this is very difficult. Because the garlic is very small, if you cut the garlic directly with your hand, it is easy to hurt your hand. Moreover, the thickness of the finished product is not necessarily the expected result, and the thickness is uneven. But garlic is a very important seasoning, so some condiment processors began to use paper thin garlic slicer to process garlic in batches and provide customers with garlic slices directly.
How to slice garlic paper thin by machine?
Wash the garlic first to prevent the sand from entering and damage the tool. When working, put the garlic into the feeding box, and the high-speed rotating knife will automatically cut the garlic into pieces.
Why use the machine slice garlic?
The machine uses a unique horn-type (hopper) feed port, made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the machine is durable and hygienic. High-speed rotary cutter, high efficiency, fast speed, the thickness of the finished product can be adjusted as needed. The hopper type feed port ensures complete contact between the material and the machine, high efficiency, high speed, low energy consumption, smooth cut surface and uniform thickness.
 Garlic Slicer
The thickness of the finished product is uniform and tidy, and the yield is 99%. Moreover, the machine has a reasonable structure, low failure rate, low energy consumption, and cleanliness. Can process different kinds of vegetables, the finished tissue is fresh and does not damage the fibrous tissue. Non-toxic, harmless, in line with the hygiene standards of food processing machinery.
By using the machine, you won’t consider how to slice garlic paper thin, the machine can cut the garlic into paper thin, even thinner, if you interest our machines, please contact us for free.
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