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What Is Sugar Cube Production Process?


Sugar cube is a six sided piece of sugar which can be put in coffee or tea, but do you know what is sugar cube production process? In principle, it is a combination of bulk white sugar or brown sugar. But the actual sugar cube production process is more complicated. It requires a special sugar cube making machine to process production.
 Sugar Cube
Sugar cube production process:
The machine automatically adds white sugar or red sugar to sugar or water. After stirring, feeding, tiling, slitting, drying, rolling, screening and other processes to produce sugar cubes, the production line consists of automatic mixer, automatic tiling roller, automatic slitting machine, tunnel oven, vibration screening machine, etc. It has high automation, convenient maintenance and stable performance.
The sugar cube machine uses a PLC controller and with an LCD touch screen, using stirring and feeding, automatic sugar feeding, hydraulic grinding tools are continuously and automatically pressed and formed. It is the ideal equipment for making sugar cubes by running through the flatbed linkage and drying oven. The machine can also be equipped with automatic equipment such as automatic block machine and automatic packaging machine to provide customers with a complete set of sugar cube production plan.
Sugar Cube Production Process Video:

1.The machine’s physical and chemical composition are the same as refined sugar.
2. The finished sugar cube are pure white and shiny, 
3. Complete proper firm, difficult to break, 
 4. Dissolve rapidly in water, the solution was clear mission and transparent.
This machine with high pressure which is not fragile.The size, shape of the sugar cube is customizable, thickness and the tightness of the products is adjustable. And if you buy the machine from our company, we will give you a detailed instruction, which will give you a detailed introduction of sugar cube production press.
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