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How To Peel Green Plantains Easily?


How to peel green plantains easily? We know that green plantain is big, and its skin is very difficult to remove, but before you use it to make food, you have to remove the skin, which is a very complicated and difficult process.
And though green plantains can be peeled like a banana, the tough skin and sticky sap of the green plantain require a little extra effort. If you attempt to peel a green plantain like a banana, you may fail. Green plantains contain a sticky sap as well, which can be difficult to rinse off, and can stain your clothing and fingernails. So how to peel green plantains easily? Hope our green banana peeler can help you.
 Green Plantain Peeler
◎ Manual feeding method with four inlets, four people can operate at the same time, the output is 340-360 pcs / h.
◎ The low waste content and high output of the machine can peel the bananas cleanly, and the banana meat will not be damaged and pollution-free.
◎ Suitable for peeling green bananas, there is no requirement for plantain size and curvature.
◎ The banana peel and pulp are separated after peeling and are automatically discharged.
◎ The wear parts (conveyor chains, bearings and frames) of the machine comply with international standards.

Green Plantain Peeler Video:

Frame: the frame is made of 304 stainless steel, and the size of the frame is in accordance with international standards.
Conveying belt: conveying the green plantain to the slitting unit.
Pusher: pushing forward the green plantain and conveying it to the peeling unit.
Cutting part: The cutting part is made up of two blades, the steel blades have enough sharpness to slit the banana peels into two parts.
Telescopic channel: This channel is adjustable automatically according to green plantain sizes which can reduce the damage to plantain.
Separating unit: The separating bars have enough strength to peel the green plantain skins with the working principle of penetrating between peel and flesh of banana and removing the peels. The clearance between the separating bar and roller is adjustable, too.
This machine can help you peel green plantains easily and the capacity is large, can meet large market demand, if you have other requirement, please tell us.
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