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Do you Know How Is Avocado Oil Made?


We’ll often hear things like “how is avocado oil made?” or “How do i extract oil from an avocado?” There are many recipes, but it maybe suitable for home use, some people may like buy the avocado oil from supermarket, we will not make avocado oil by themselves, so they don’t know the “how is avocado oil made?” Now let us do a brief introduction.
Before making avocado oil, we need to make sure that we use good avocado and then wash it with clean water. After washing, pitting and removing the skin, because we just press the pulp. fterwards we separate the pulp from the oil in a centrifuge process. It's a rapidly rotating drum that takes oil and water out of the flesh. Because oil is less dense than water, it's on top of water and it comes out of the hole.
To create naturally-refined avocado oil, the avocado oil will pass through filters of diatomaceous earth and steam. This process naturally refines the avocado oil, filters out triglycerides and chlorophyll, removes its bright green color and materials which makes the oil smoke at lower temperatures. When the avocado oil is pressed and ready, we will fill it in glass bottle to store.
Avocado Oil Processing Flow:
Washing avocados → pitting and removing skin → avocado pulp is malaxing (mixed) with fresh, cold water → avocado pulp mixture is pressed through a centrifuge to extract the oil → oil is polished → avocado oil
Through the above introduction, you may know how is avocado oil made? But in the process of making oil, avocado oil press machine if a very important tool, by this machine, you can make avocado oil easy and fast, the finished product is more clean and healthy. If you have a business, maybe you need it.
 Avocado Oil Press Machine
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