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What Is Cereal Bar Manufacturing Process?


Cereal bar is very popular for breakfast, but do you know the cereal bar manufacturing process? Now let us understand the how does the factory manufacture the cereal bar?
First of all, the cereal bar machine is made up of four parts, such as a sugar cooking pot, automatic feeding and mixing machine, automatic refrigerating and cutting machine, automatic packaging machine. The main cereal bar manufacturing process is: prepare raw materials → mixing → puffing →mixing with sugar→ pressing → automatic leveling → cooling → cutting → packaging.
The machine adopts advanced mechanical structure, combines with traditional requirements, and coordinates with automatic electrical operating system, so as to fully automate production, reduce costs and improve production efficiency. Continuous feeding, automatic forming, automatic cutting and even thickness. PLC computer touch screen control with frequency conversion adjustment, accurate cutting size. This machine adopts the humanoid manual cutting principle, adopts the advanced frequency conversion speed control, can meet your different product requirements, the finished size can be customized according to customer needs. Product diversification, all parts in contact with the product is stainless steel, can automatically adjust the thickness of the finished product, the machine speed can be set freely according to the need in touch screen, easy to operate, save a lot of labor.
Through the above introduction, you will find that for cereal bar manufacturers, production method is very simple, but when you choose and buy cereal bar, you must choose a good brand, which product quality is guaranteed, you can’t buy the product with no production date, shelf life, raw materials on the package. And if you want to start a cereal bar business by yourself, please contact us,we can provide you the machine and the pdf of cereal bar manufacturing process.
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