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Do You Know How to Make Peanut Candy


Do you know how to make peanut candy? Do you love to eat peanut candy? Here, I could tell a few stories about peanut candy, but I’ll just skip all that stuff for now and scoot right to the goods.

In fact, I love to eat peanuts very much! Not only are they absolutely taste brittle and the easier candy you can make, but also if you keep a sack of peanut candy making machine and peanuts on hand, you can make peanut candy in a very short time.You can serve them as a snack in your home lunch, or after dinner, in a big bowl in order to  everyone have chance to eat it.

Or you can to mix these candied peanuts with ice cream, which is a new attempt for people. This particular attempt along will beloved by many people in the future. A handful chopped and sprinkled over a spinach salad or batch of cole slaw would be pretty terrific, for those looking for savory apps. And at the risk of infuriating any purists, topping a bowl of Asian noodles.

You can buy a few bags of smoked salt from market, because with this salt ca make peanut candy smell more delicious. However, the smell of smoke made people almost want to go home as soon as possible from Paris. You can use any salt you think is interesting, such as cinnamon salt or coarse sea salt.You can also add some spices at the end. However, resist the temptation to be too picky (if you add in front of them, they will burning.); These simple candied peanuts will taste great. And once you tilt out your first batch of candied peanuts, you’ll beam with pride like the accomplished candy market that you’ve just become.

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