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What Is French Fries Industrial Process?


What is french fries industrial process? The process of making french fries is complicated, but all the steps can be completed by automatic french fries production line, the process of french fries include fresh potato picking → washing → peeling → cuting or slicing → blanching → drying → frying → cooling → packing.
1. Selecting:
select the appearance of no rotten, no insects eyes  no deterioration, bud eye shallow, smooth potatoes, remove the green buds, dry skin shrinkage of the potatoes.  If the potatoes contain high sugar, you can put them under the sunshine for 2 to 4 weeks to adjustment. cleaning: with the help of water and the role of the screw mechanism, the potatoes clean.
2. Washing:
Though the machine to wash the potatoes cleaning for the next steps.  
3. Peeling:
In order to improve production capacity and ensure product quality, you would better use the potatoes peeling machine, it can peeling potatoes with high quality, and also can reuce the waste of the raw materials to save your money.
4. Cutting (strips or chips):
Peeling potatoes in to strips or chips after the water shower, wash away the surface adhesion of potato skin and residue, and then use the conveyor belt into the slicer cut into pieces or pieces, the thickness of the product should meet the quality requirements . Potatoes chips generally 1.5 ~ 2.Omm, potatoes strips generally choose about 3mm. 
5. Rinsing and blanching:
The purpose of rinsing is to wash away the strach on the surface, so as not to appear in the process of frying products, bonding phenomenon or cause oil pollution. The purpose of blanching is to inactivate the enzymes in the potatoes strips or chips, to prevent the production of enzymatic browning and affect the product quality. The methods used are chemical methods and physical methods, the chemical method of chemical solution soaking; physical methods that use 85 ~ 90 ℃ hot water for blanching.
6. Drying:
The purpose of drying is to remove excess water from the surface of the potato strips, thereby reducing oil loss and decomposition during frying, while maintaining a certain brittleness of the blanched potatoes. But should pay attention to avoid excessive drying caused by sticky, usually with compressed air for drying.
7. Frying:
After drying potato strips from the conveyor belt will be put into the fried equipment , the eoil temperature control in the 170 ~ 180 ℃, frying time for one minute. So the automatic french fries frying machine is necessary. 
8. Packing:
french fries should be packaged by machine quickly, avoid to roting from oxidation.  
After our introduction, you may know the french fries industrial process, if you have other question, please contact us for free.
French Fries Industrial Process
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