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New Technology of Cassava Starch Production


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1. Overview:
  Cassava starch is mainly used for food, sugar, medicine, feed, textile, paper, chemical and other industrial sectors as a raw materials. Cassava starch production process is the physical separation process,
that is, cassava starch and raw materials, cellulose, white, inorganic and other substances separate. In the production process, according to starch insoluble in cold water and the proportion of water than the nature, water and special machinery and equipment, the starch from the water separation in the suspension, so as to achieve the purpose of starch recovery. During production process, it will divided cassava starch materials and Cellulose into the starch water. The whole processing consists of cleaning, broken solution, impregnation, screening, bleaching, desanding, separation, dehydration, dry bath, air-cooled, packaging and other processes.
2. Raw materials:

  Cassava starch raw materials, including fresh cassava and cassava dry chips, they are the main production material, in order to ensure the starch’s quality, you should use fresh cassava, no mud, sand, roots, Other impurities mixed; dry cassava chips require dry, no mold, no deterioration, no moth-eaten. The average composition of fresh cassava is as follows: Starch 27% Cellulose 4% Protein 1% Other 3% Moisture 65% The average composition of cassava chips is: starch 68% cellulose 8% protein 3% other 8% moisture 13% , Harvest time, natural conditions, the production of water to different raw starch content are differences.
3. Accessories:
Sulfuric acid 2KG / T starch; bleaching materials 0.5kg / t starch; potassium permanganate 0.1kg / t starch.
4. The process line:

  The wet processing technology of cassava starch, including roller cleaning, secondary crushing, thick pulp screening, countercurrent washing, redox bleaching, cyclone desanding, thick slurry separation, slurry dehydration, a negative pressure pulse airflow dry.  Due to the cassava starch making process is very complicated, so the cassava starch production line is a little expensive. But the cassava starch market still is very large in the world, people eat the starch every day.

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