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What’s Chicken Nuggets Recipe For Business?


When you start a chicken nuggets business, you must know the recipe first, and then you should know the production process. Following is the recipe of making chicken nuggets for small business.
1. Chicken breast washed. The chicken should be cut into parts(customized by yourself).
2. Add freshly ground coarse black pepper, salt and minced garlic for 30 minutes
3. Prepare the batter: beaten. Add some salt, is grinding black pepper, flour and a little water into a yogurt paste; pickled chicken breast slices in the batter dip, and then bread crumbs inside a circle
4. Preheating the frying machine, and then put the chicken nuggets into the oil until they become yellow. Then pick them up, in order to keep the chicken nuggets taste, you would better packaging them in a closed box after cooling. If you opening a factory, you can use the plastic wrap to wrap them.
If you want to start a big chicken nuggets business, you may need a commercial chicken nuggets processing line, the processing line with large capacity and it is fully automatic. And the frying machine in the processing line’s temperature can be set from 0 to 300 degrees centigrade. It is suitable for fried food with various technological requirements, such as tofu, pork skin, fish and meatballs. Advanced and efficient heating system not only saves energy, but also improves work efficiency and reduces cost.
When you start a chicken nuggets business, in addition to recipe and machine, you also need to do market research and determine the location of the store.
Chicken Nuggets Recipe For Business
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