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Fine Dried Noodles Making Machine for Noodles Making Manufacturer


       Fine Dried Noodles Making Machine can make different sized noodles according customer's need through changing the noodle cutting knives' distance.  This machine is very suitable for making noodles in factory, market, workshop,  restaurant and so on.  This machine is automatic, it consists of with measure and feeding machine, double shaft and speed mixer,  falling powder bucket, U type dough ripening machine,  compound and continuous dough rolling machine, hanging stick supplying machine,  noodle cutting tidy machine, hanging rising machine, chain plate drying machine, sideway hang down machine, automatic hob cutting machine, electric control system. 

       As we all know that there are two big countries eat noodles, one is China, another is 
 Italy. Except these countries,  there are the Arab region, Central Asia, Russia and other wheat producing countries also eat noodles.   Fine dried noodle is different from the spaghetti,  this  machine is manily used for making noodles like chinese noodles.
It always be used in 
fine dried noodle production line, its capacity also can be customized.   With the advantages of stable, practical, adjustable output, less demand for workers, covers an area of less of performance, this machines has been sold to different area, such as  Arab region, Central Asia, Russia, America and so on.  

      If you are intrested in this machine, please contact us right now! 

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