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Coffee Cube Sugar Making Equipment Manufacture


       Cube sugar is a necessity to drink coffee,it exists in many large market, but few people know how it is done. Which machine is more better for making the cube sugar? 

Production process of coffee cube sugar making:
Coffee sugar production is one of the crystal size refined sugar, and with a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution mixed into a moisture content of 1.5 to 2.5% wet sugar, and then put them into a semi-block machine, though drying drying to 0.5% moisture below, then packaging them after cooling. These cube sugar making machine is very common in the equipment manufacturer. 
Nutrient content of coffee cube sugar:
Rich in carbohydrates, healthy for people's body; storage and provide energy; maintain energy for brain function; regulate fat metabolism; provide dietary fiber; save protein; detoxification; enhance intestinal function.
Therapeutic value of coffee cube sugar: 
1. brain: coffee sugar with unsaturated fatty acids which can protect growth of the cerebrovascular, promote cell growth, slow down the process of brain cells, improve people's thinking ability. At the same time, coffee sugar can provide high-quality protein, rich in choline, can improve memory.
2. energy: containing carbohydrates, sugars, quickly provide energy for the body.

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