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Equipment List of Sunflower Seed Butter Production Line


Sunflower Butter Production Line Equipment List
This sunflower butter production line includes elvator, sunflower seed roasting cooling machine, grinding machine, butter storage tank, mixing tank, vacuum degassing tank. The sunflower butter making machine can be designed according to the requirements of customers. Commonly production process is from peanut roasting, cooling, grinding sunflower butter, seasoning, vacuum degassing, cooling, filling, the complete production line, and can according to customer's actual site measurement layout, realizing automation production.

Our company has been working with dozens of enterprises for many years. Can make full use of plant space, strive to make the process more reasonable. My company is specialized in research and development of nuts butter production equipment, need all kinds of single available for one-stop shopping, also can according to your request design facilities, such as heat capacity and heat source and reasonable production line. If the first contact with sunflower butter processing, we can also recommend the social technical training staff to the maximum extent to help you.

Equipment list of sunflower butter production line are as follows:
No. Machine Name Power
1 Elevator 0.75 1000*700*3000 1
2 Continuous Roasting Cooling Machine
(Electric heating type)
85 7500*1500*2600 1
3 Elevator 0.75 1000*700*3800 1
4 Stock Bin 0.75 1100*1100*3000 1
5 Butter Grinding Machine 11*2 1000*400*1600 2
6 Butter Storage Tank   1000*1000*900 1
7 Pump 1.5 1200*300*350 1
8 Mixing Tank 2.2 300L(800*2000) 1
9 Vacuum Degassing Tank 2.2+1.5 300L(800*2500) 1
10 Pump 1.5 1200*300*350 1
11 Electric Cabinet     2
12 Pipeline      

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