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Flat Rice Noodle Making Machine Working Maintenance


Flat rice noodle making machine is to feed grinded rice noodles machine automatically, through steam inside rice noodles machine for cooking, and then forming into rice noodles, then cut cooling, a fully automated process.
(1) the whole machine is mainly composed of feeding, cooking, cutting and cooling.
(2) First soak the rice, grind it into rice pulp, through steam to boil, and then steam it and remove the oil. After it is formed, it is cooled and then can be packed
Flat Rice Noodle Making Machine
Maintenance method of flat rice noodle making machine
First of all, these are by electricity to use the machine, at the time of storage to unplug the power supply, and properly keep the wire line, it is best to its wrapped up, lest get wet by water, or bite by the rat, it is a very serious problem,be very careful!
Second, rice noodle making machine itself, because during the production, need to apply some oil on the machine, in order to ensure the production of rice noodles smooth, so at the time of deposit, must be clean up the machine, so as to ensure the machine no peculiar smell, will not recruit any bugs, ensure the neatness of the fuselage is also in order to guarantee the safety of the food!
Thirdly, use some things to cover the machine so that it won't fall dust, and it will be easier to clean when using.
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