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Mesh Belt Peanut Roasting Equipment


Mesh belt peanut roasting equipment is a kind of continuous drying equipment, which use mesh melt for carrying materials, which can be used with other equipments, also can be used alone. The equipment can be widely used in food, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, chemical fertilizers, chemicals and other industries, and the mesh belt roaster is also the ideal equipment for roasting or drying food and vegetables.
Mesh Belt Peanut Roasting Machine
Main Features of Mesh Belt Peanut Roaster Machine
1. Large roasting drying area, strong drying strength;
2. Adopt the double-entry air circulation structure, the hot wind is even, there is no partial dry phenomenon;
3. With good air permeability, the time of stay can be arbitrarily adjusted.
4. Divided into several units, each unit can control the loop separately.
These are the main features of the mesh belt nuts roaster machine.
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