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Dedicated Device for Making Topioca Starch


      Topioca Starch( cassava starch): 
       In people's daily life, there are many foods are inseparable with the topioca starch, in other word, the topioca pay an important role in our life. At present, it has been used in the food industry, candy processing industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

1. Food:
Topioca native starch is widely used in food formulations, such as bakery products, canned foods, frozen foods, dry mixes, baked goods, snacks, seasonings, sausages, dairy products, meat and fish products and baby food.
2. Drinks:
Modified starch is used as a colloidal stabilizer in beverages containing solid ingredients. In beverages, cassava starch sweeteners are better than sucrose because the former improves the process and enhances the product characteristics, in combination with other sweeteners, to fully meet consumer demand.
3. Candy:
Low viscosity tapioca starch is widely used in glazed confections such as jellies and chewing gum.
4. Chemical industry:
Such as sodium glutamate, amino acids, organic acids, alcohols, ketones, vitamins and antibiotics.
5. Adhesives and glue: 
Topioca starch dextrin is an excellent adhesive for a wide range of applications including corrugated cardboard, paper bags, plywood, adhesive tapes, labels, stamps and envelopes.
      Thus, the topioca starch producing process 
need complex technical requirements, and only with the dedicated topioca starch device can complet of the extraction work.  But there are some requirements for making the topioca starch. Frist one, ensure the freshness of topioca, whihc can improve the high recovery rate. Second is during the processing, there will need lot of water, so the sewage treatment system must be considered. Thirdly is that during the producing, there are need keep the cleaning during the extraction process. As the starch slurry with acid, and therefore all the pulp pool should be anti-corrosion treatment.  This line usually consisit of the some different parts, so if you want to buy some parts of the whole line, we can also offer you, but you should tell me your requirement  about this machine.



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