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The Types of Small Frying Machine


       As we all know that, any foods once fried by the oil, they will taste more better than before, that's why fried foods is so popular in people's daily life.  In order to follow the foods development,  many kinds of the foods frying machine designed from the machines market.  The capacity from the big to small, always one for you. There are mainly four types frying machines of small capacity.  First one is single tank type frying machine, this machine is very small.  This machine is very cheap than other machine, suitable for small production and it is manual  frying machine.  You can see this types machine, in many of the shops and small traders. Due to this machine is very small, and it is easy to move. The second is the double tanks frying machine. It has two tanks, so people can frying different foods at the same time. Higher frying efficiency than the single tank frying machine.  It is suitable for the restaurant, canteen and others. The third one is the oil-water frying machine. This machine is more environmental protection than other frying machine because of the oil-water system. So this machine usually used in the small foods factory to keep the fried foods quality. The finally type is the continuous frying machine. This machine can frying foods continuously, so the capacity is bigger than other frying machines. This machine usually used in the foods processing factory with other machines. And also this type machine, also have the gas heating way and the electric heating way can be reference. 

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