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Newest Simple Design Ice Cream Cone Machine Bring Convenience


       Most machine on the market are designed with the bulky appearance, very inconvenient to operate. We company in order to solve this problem, try to simplify the structure inside of the machine.  New generation ice cream cone making machine has more simple structure without reduce the machine's advantages. As the internal parts of the machine is relatively simple, so the demolition more convenient.  The operation of the new machine, anyone can control it, it just consist of the upper model and the lower model. Put the materials into the models, and then close them about 2 minutes, the cones are finished.  What is the special of the new type machine is that all the modles can be changed though your requirement, even the size and the partten.  If you don't know the mixing proportion of cone raw material, we can free training for your company. 
       The detailed working process, please contact us freely. 

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