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Cold Press Oil Machine Sold to Germany


Yesterday, we received a message from a Germany customer, who inquiry about the cold press oil machine. This Germany customer said:
Hemp is my raw material and CBD is the oil we wanna get.
A small machine is Okay
2 Hektar x 3 in a year
Must be 30 thousand kg in one season.
After got the message, we transferred to our customer manager soon, then they suggest a suitable model according to the Germany customer demand, and prepare the quotation, send to the customer.
 oil press machine germany
We then had a video call with the customer and showed the customer our factory. After three communications, the customer decided to buy our machine and asked us to ship it as soon as possible.
Why the Germany customer decided to buy our machine so quickly?
I think there are several reasons:
1. Manufacturer. We are factory, not trading company. Therefore, our machines are ex-factory prices, no intermediate fees will be charged, and the prices are reasonable.
2. Quality.
Our machine is made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic, with high oil output rate. Small size, small footprint, easy to learn and easy to operate. Suitable for different materials and different models can be choose.
3. Service.
We guarantee to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service, 1 year warranty, and can still provide maintenance services to customers beyond the warranty period, but customers need to pay for the cost.
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