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How to Clean Your Chips Frying Machinery


           Whether it is used for home or restaurant about chips frying machines are easily stained with a large number of oil and food residues, and it is a big challenging task to clean up. While the methods about to clean it will you much time,   but  you clean the dirty before they gather  together, that can reduce your lat of work.
1. According to your need to clean fryer. If you frequently use your fryer, replace the  oil, and  clean it  with few days, that can reduce your many works. If you only clan them after several days, you will find that it is so hard to clean up.   During the cleaning, please remember do not put the pot in the sink or dishwasher. Completely immersed in water, it may cause a short circuit and damage the fryer. It's very dengerious.
2. Before cleaning,  put the pan cool enough. Do not clean up in front of the fryer off.  Let oil cool completely to avoid burns. Do not add water to the bowl full of hot oil containers, easily explode after mixing them.
3. Poure the oil from the fyr machine. If you want to continue to use these oils, you can put these oil in a food security container, the sealed refrigeration.  If not, you should put these oil for other purposes, or discarded in a sealed condition. Do not use oil directly into the sink. Doing so may cause sewer blockages. 
4.Pick the funnel out, in the sink. And  drop two or three drops of detergent on the funnel, this way can easy to clean the funnel. 
5.If necessary, to clean the heating element fryer. Most of the fryer has a heating element formed by two metal rods. If they are covered with oil, use a paper towel to erase oil. Be carefully and not to bend or damage any part of the element forme, especially when there is a thin wire time.  Some fryer heating element can be removed, or connected by a hinge, you can pull out and move close to the surface where they fryer. View your fryer Guide to determine whether it has such a design.
6.In the fryer filled with hot water. Using a large pitcher or other container is transferred to the hot frying pan, electronic components and not to turn the fryer exposure to moisture sink. Consistent with the amount of volume you normally use hot water with cooking oil, not too much. Fryer with hot water soak for 30 minutes.   In the waiting time, you can continue with the following steps to clean up other parts. If your tap water is not hot enough, you can plug in the power, water and heat to boiling. Unplug the power, wait thirty minutes for the water to cool down. If the pot has a lot of residual food residue, let the water kept boiling for a few minutes.  
7.Pour hot water through the funnel, then scrub back and forth several times, and then to clean up the funnel. If the funnel is very oily, add some detergent, and then clean up once it. Use a stiff brush to remove food residue.  After cleaning process is completed, rinse suds funnel, and then put it in the dish rack or towel dry.
8.If there is oil residue, you can also use baking soda. If there are lumps or adhesion of oil, try mixing a small amount of baking soda in water, then transferred into a thick paste.  If you really need to use oven cleaner or other cleaning products, use soapy water to clean after use and rinse all chemical substances before they can be used for cooking fryer. 
9. Rinse fryer machine. Pouring into water, then scrubing the inside by hand, and make sure that the side portion and the bottom of the pan fried cleansed all the soap bubbles. Discard the water and repeat several times until the pot of water to pour no bubble.
10.Before the next useing, you would better make the pot to dry thoroughly. The outer surface of the water pot can wipe with a towel, but the inner surface of the water to dry naturally. Be sure to wait until the fryer dry thoroughly after use. This enables the power system accident into the water naturally flowing before you plug in the power.  
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