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How to Use the Corn Puffing Machine


Corn puffed products is very common in our daily life, but less people know how to make the corn puffed with the corn puffing machine? Here will give you some information about this puffing machine. 
LONGER Machinery can offer more professional corn puffing machine. This is can be used in single for small puffed products market or factory, and also can be used into the Puffed cereal bar production line in big foods processing factory. It is an ideal machine to  process the  wheat, rice cakes, rice, corn, millet and other coarse grains of the original flavor, color, nutrition, Maitong, coffee corn, crisp corn, buckwheat tablets, beans and other food processing.

The information of this corn puffed machine: 
Model: LGFK-120/160 
Power: 0.75 kw
Capacity: 50-80 kg/hr 
Size(mm): 1200*500*1200

Feature of the corn puffing machine:
1. Large capacity: It can process 50 to 80 kg materials per hour. 
2. Less workers: One worke can operate three machines at same time. 
3. Heating time is shorter: puffing corn only need few minutes per time.
4. Energy conservation: Lower energy consumption than ordinary.
5 More safe and convenient operation: four security insurance,  user-friendly design, the workers can easy to operate.
6. Collection of materials more convenient, tilted 35 degrees to the collection site materials.
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