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Working Principle of Sugar Pot Mixing Machine


Designed principle: 
The sugar pot mixing machine designed with a continuous sugar boiling device, which comprises a sugar-boiling tube, an electric motor, a stirring shaft and a controller. The boiling sugar tube is provided with a feeding mouth, and the motor output end is connected with one end of an agitator shaft, the agitating shaft is provided with a vane, and the boil sugar tube is provided with an interlayer, and the sandwich layer is provided with a higher temperature. This machine central axis of the agitating shaft of the inner wall of the boil sugar tube is provided with a magnetic component, its temperature sensor is arranged in the boil tube, the motor and the temperature sensor are all electrically connected with the controller. It can speed up the air out of the fan. The invention rotates the stirring shaft to generate heat to heat the sugar material, and uses the temperature sensor and the controller to control the temperature of the sugar material heating wihch can improve the quality of the boiled sugar and save the time.

Technical field
Background of the invention field of the sugar pot mixing machine is related to the field of boiled sugar equipment, and more particularly to a continuous sugar boiling apparatus.
Background  technique
Boiled sugar is an essential step for candy production line. If the boil sugar appear some problems, it will affect the smooth progress of the entire production process, or even defective or waste materials. In the boil sugar process, the workers should pay more atention to the boil sugar temperature. If the temperature is too low, the coke aroma reverse is not complete; but if the temperature is too high, the fragrant flowers over reaction, resulting in product quality deterioration.
Common domestic boil sugar equipment is relatively simple, generally using artificial brew method, that is set to boil sugar pot, and artificial heating or by electric heating, making the pot of sugar heated brewed. However, this device has obvious defects: the operator's labor intensity; sugar mixing uneven, and stirring boil the sugar is easy to adhere to the pot wall, and sugar can not be uniformly heated, the boiled sugar quality can not be guaranteed  in the making process.

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