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How to Use the Vibrating Deoiling Screen Machine Scientifically


How to use the vibrating screen machine scientifically? How to maitain the vibratory screening machine in daily life and how to avoid the precautions?
Vibrating screen machine first be operated in accordance should the operating instructions,  and about the shaker daily care and maintenance should also follow the usage method to make the Vibrating screen machine in a good condition. I tis good to prolong machine's usage life.
1. Before start of vibrating screen machine:
(1) should check the coarse mesh and fine mesh whether is damaged, if damaged, replaced them in time to ensure the screening in good effect;
(2) whether the locking ring  group whether is bundled well.
2. When the vibrating screen machine start:
(1) Please pay attention to any abnormal noise of machine, if there is noisy, it  maybe someting is wrong in the machine,  you need to stop to check.
(2) Please check whether the current stable
(3)Please check whether the abnormal vibration
3. After vibrating screen use: that should be cleaned after per time using.
4. Please regular inspection coarse mesh, fine mesh and springs whether therer is fatigue and damage, the machine body parts whethe is demaged due to vibration, and add lubricating parts must be lubricated. 
 Vibrating screen machine
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