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2016 Myanmar International Food and Beverage Exhibition


       Myanmar Food and Beverage Exhibition sponsored by the AMB Events, it is the only international and largest professional food & Beverage Exhibition, and in 2016 will be held in Myanmar's capital Yangon MYANMAR EVENT PARK from 24th to 26th in November. By then, it will expected more than 8000 professional buyers from Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, India, Indonesia, the United States, China and other countries to negotiate purchase!

       This event showcases products like Canned Food, Frying foods, Chilled & Frozen Food, Halal Food, Health & Organic Food, Snack & Specialty, Processed Food, Ready to Eat, Fine Food, Staple Food, Non-Alcoholic Drink, Juice, Soft Drink, Energy Drink, Other Beverages etc. in the Food & Beverage industry.
       AMB Events, as the largest international organization in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam,  and get Myanmar Hotels and Tourism Association support. AMB optimistic Myanmar put good  impression about their imported food and tourism industry in the form of trade fairs, and to carry out local Myanmar International Food & Beverage Exhibition. 
BACKGROUND ( market)
        Myanmar's total population of 5,800 people, covers an area of ​​more than 670,000 square kilometers. And also it has  abundant labor and low land costs, Myanmar is expected to become the production base place and investment place after China, Vietnam's most watched targets. And also its food making machine becomes very prosperous, more and more people want to open their new business in foods processing, such as snacks processing, potato chips frying processing, rice noodles making, drinking fields and so on. 
        According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Myanmar has a very good opportunity to development their energy and machines fields. 

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