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Snacks Frying Machine Sold To India


Sold one set snacks frying machine to India, this customer will use this automatic snack frying machine for his snack business. For snacks, frying machines play a key role in the production process, and with the update of technology, the scope of application is more extensive in India, now it has been applied to dry fruits, meat products, fruit and vegetable crispy chips and other food. Due to its high efficiency, it is favored by different food industries in India.
The intelligent frying machine produced by our company has broken the original way of frying, making it simple and clean. Traditional machines can not only guarantee the quality of food, but also consume a lot of oil and pollute seriously.
1. The machine has completely changed the structure of traditional frying equipment and adopted a new technology of mixing water and oil. During the heating process, the oil temperature in the lower layer can be controlled, slow down the hydrolysis and oxidation of oil, prolong the service life of cooking oil, and improve the quality of fried food.
2. Using the principle of different oil and water weights, all the residue from frying can fall into the water. Fundamentally solved the problem that residues, animal fat and repeated frying in traditional frying machines lead to acidification, carbonation and deterioration of fried oil.
3. Because of its unique structure, able to use the difference between vegetable oil and animal oil, so that meat food in the process of frying oil immersed in the vegetable oil layer, keep the fried layer clean all the time. No matter it is chicken, fish, duck, or pasta, there will be no smell. A machine can fry different kinds of food at the same time.
4. Oil temperature control device, alarm device, etc., the operation is more simple and convenient, and the working efficiency is also improved, the frying machine is widely used in food processing plants, large canteens and other fields, widely praised for leading technology, advanced technology, stable and reliable performance, high degree of automation, high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection.
If you also in India, and you also want to start a business in frying food industry, please contact us for free, no matter where you are in India, we can ship the machine to you.

Snacks Frying Machine In India
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