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Which Type Machine is More Suitable for Making Food Stuck


        Food stuck also named the toothpick which are popular in the Asian area.  And which type machine is more suitable to make the toothpick in the factory?  Making toothpick  is a very complicated things, there are need some different machines to complete this process. Firstly, Timber subdivision machine. This machine can slice the wooden into pieces with the same thickness, the thickness of the wooden pieces can be changed by hands.  Secondly, the Shaft Batten Drawbench. This machine can cut the wooden pieces into similar wires. This process usually decide the toothpick diameter. Thridly, toothpicks fine cutting machine. This step is for fine the toothpicks more in line with specification. But the toothpick usually are not smooth in its surface. That's need the fourth step. Toothpicks polishing machine can grind toothpicks more smooth in special technology. The finally step is toothpick molding machine. This machine can forming these semi-finished products into the final products. In other word, these machines are necessary in the toothpick making process. Only with some of these machines can hardly to finished the whole toothpick making.
       There are also the baboom toothpick making machines in our manufacturer, if you are intersted in these machine, please contact us. 

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