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Special Merry Christmas Ice Cream Cone


        Merry christmas is the grand sepcail day for the western country, in this day people not only make the many kinds of the delicious foods, but also one ice cream foods is necessary, that is the merry christmas ice cream cone. Why people say this ice cream cone is special, beacuse people usually put some special foods into the ice cream cone, such as the vegetables, fruits and other materials they want.  Before making the merry christmas ice cream cone, they should by some cones from the market. Usually, this types ice cream cones are special made by the full automatic ice cream cone making machine, the cones with large size than the common cones and will not easyliy breakn by fruits ans vegetables materials, people can enjoy the happiness of the merry christmas ice cream cone with family.  If you want to make these merry christmas ice cream cone in your merry christmas day, please remember to buy the more suitable ice cream cones in your need. 

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