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Crisp Peanut Candy in Merry Christmas Day


Peanut candy made with the candy, peanuts and other nuts materials become popular in the western countries, even some Asian countries. They teste very delicious and bite them with the cracked sound make people in the relaxed atmosphere. Many people in order to save time will buy the peanuts candy from the market, but some other people will make them by themselves at home.  Do you know how to make the peanut candy at home? Following steps will help you to make peanut candy. 

One cup fine sugar, half a glass of water, one cup peanuts kernels( roasted peanuts will more better), one spoon soda, and so on( according your need).

Making process:
1. Coating the oil on the baking tray, and then put the baking paper on the tray.
2. Put the water, suagr into the pot for heating to 120 degrees, and without stop mixing them. 
3. After 6 minutes, put the peanuts into the sugar and mixing them. 
4. When the temperature arrive the 150 degrees, stop the heating. Put soda into the sugar quickly, and stirring until bubbling.
5. Put the mixed suagr on the baking tray before bubble disappeared.
6. After cooling, put one towel on the sugar, and then break them with tools.
7. Finally, packing the peanuts candy into boxes under low temperature ( prevent sugar softening). 

Usually, the whole peanuts candy making process is autoatic in the peanuts candy making factory. So if you want to reduce time, just buy them from market. Or if you want to start new business about the peanuts candy machine, please feel freely to contact us. 


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