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Industrial Peanut Candy Processing Line on Sale


     This industrial peanut candy processing line usually used in the candy processing factory. 
     The whole line consists of the five machines, peanuts roasting machine, peanuts peeling machine, sugar mixing machine, peanut candy forming machine and the final peanuts candy packing machine. These also the five processing steps of the peanuts candy.
     Firstly, peanuts roasting step. All the nuts in the candy would better roasted, only the roasted peanuts will taste more delicious, and there are will no oil effluence from the nuts. Secondly, materials peeling step. If your materials are peanuts, almonds, and other nuts, the peeling machine can peel the skin of the nuts with high quality. Sometimes, the skin of the nuts will taste a little bitter, which may influence the whole product taste. Peeling skin of nuts can keep better taste. Thirdly, sugar materails should mixing in the even condition, that is good for the the nuts to mix with the sugar. Fourthly, forming step. The peanuts which has been mixed with the sugar, will be delived to the cutting machine. Cutting them into rectangle type in order to package. Finally, all the products will be packaged into bags or boxes, just acording your really need. 

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