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Application of Cashew Brittle Machine


Cashew Brittle Machine: 
1. The automatic processing line includes nuts roaster, automatic sugar cooking pot, temperature control mixer, automatic forming machine and the automatic packing machine. 
2.Different machine has different output. Brfore the nuts put into the process, they should be roasted by the nuts roaster, and the output of this machine is 400 kg per hour. The sugar cooking pot can output 300L each time. And the temperature control mixer can output the materials about 12 to 20 kg per hour. The range you can to choose according your factory.  Then is the forming step. The automatic forming machine has big capacity about the 500 kg per hour to 800 kg per hour. The production process is basically complete. Finally, you need  the packing machine to package your products. 
The Feature of This Lline:
1. PLC control to confirm the size of cutting. 
2. Continue working according cuatomres' need.
3. Easy operation during the process.
Application of Cashew Brittle Machine:
The usage of this  machine is very wild in the foods factory. It can not only to process the peanut candy, but also can make the sesame brittle candy, hazelnut brittle candy, pistachio brittle candy and so on.  Even any nuts can be put into this machine though chopping. And the size of the final products can be changed by changing the cutter blade of the forming machine. 

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