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Sold Cereal Puffing Machine To Italy


Sold one set cereal puffing machine to Italy. A few days ago, our customer service received a customer from Italy, the customer was visiting our puffed cereal bar machine on the website. But he ask our customer service whether we can provide him a single cereal puffing machine. About this question, we are here to give a unified answer. Although the puffed cereal bar machine is a production line, but we can sold you the single machine if you need. Whether it is cereal puffing machine or others, whether it is Italy or other countries.
Machine Features:
1. The machine automatically opens the cover to the set pressure, reducing the labor intensity.
2. The opening pressure is consistent and the opening speed is consistent, so that the color and size of the expanded food are more even.  
3. The physical demands on the operator are lower, because there is no need to manually open the cover, so the operation is safer.
4. The technical requirements of operation are lower, which can be learned in 2 days. A worker can operate multiple machines at the same time.
5. Adopt electric control meter to save consumables and reduce costs.
6. Automatic ignition, automatic opening, automatic extinguishing.
7. The heating time is shorter. If the machine is used in summer, it generally only takes six minutes to produce the finished product.
8. Safer and more convenient, five lines of safety insurance, national testing, humanized design, and reduced labor intensity.
9. It is more convenient to collect materials, and materials can be ejected from the collection site at a tilt of 35 degrees.
The cereal puffing machine keeps the original flavor, color and nutrient components of wheat, rice, corn, millet and other grains to a large extent. It is an ideal machine for food processing such as rice bar, crisp corn, cereal bar and other products.
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