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Wooden Sticks Rounding Machine China Factories


This Wooden Sticks Machine can make the wooden sticks be used as mop bar, clotheshorse, indoor using and so on. There are many factories offering the round sticks machine in China, so if you want to know these machines, China is your best place to choose. Longer Machinery Company also is a factory for offering the wooden sticks making machine, untill taday we have many customers in the world. Such as the United States, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya and so on. So we have accumulated rich experience about the after sale service.
Feature of Wood Stick Rounding Machine
1.A wide range of materials are available, even can process square stick and round stick embryo.
2.The final products with smooth surface, and the output round stick close to sanding effect, saves sanding process by changing speed. 
3.This machine with high productivity, the fastest feed can reach 18m/min, the output can be changed by customer's really need.
Wooden Sticks Machine
Wooden Sticks MachineWooden Mop Sticks
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