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Features of Puffed Cereal Bar Processing Line


      The puffed cereal bar commonly made of the cereals, nuts, honey and rice as the breakfast, they usually baking in the machine untill they become more crisp. This cereal bar processing line is mainly used for making different shape cereal bar, such as the puffed rice bar, puffed corn bar, puffed Oat bar, puffed wheat bars and so on.
      This cereal bar processing line also named the corn puffed bar processing line is consist of the cereal puffing machine, sugar mixing machine, mixing machine, forming machine and packing machine. If you want to make different shape cereal bars of this line, you can also buy the different models for changing. Such as the cube, round, spherical, etc. The whole working process with high automatic control, easy to opreate, more safe, and packing type can be changed by your requirment. 

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