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Double Cutter Round Wood Rod Cutting Machine on Sale


       This wood rod cutting machine is special designed with the double cutter, it can cut the rod in quickly speed.  So it is a very important machine for the rod making line.  Due to the wooden mop is very popular in many countries, so the mop processing plants are also spread all over the places in the world. This cuting machine can work alonely, and it can also can set with other machines in the whole making production line. This single machine can make the square-shaped and rounded embryos, the speed of this machine can achieve the 18m per minute, we can also design high capacity for the customers. The cut products with good surface, which is good for the next sanding step. Many wood mop stick making factory will waste lot time in the step, but this machine can help you reduce many time and the money during the making line. That's why once you use the machines, you can save many workers. 

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