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How To Make Chocolate Peanut Candy?


How to make chocolate peanut candy? The method making at home is very easy.
Before making chocolate peanut candy, you should prepare following raw materials:
Main ingredients: 37g water, 137g water malt, 25g egg white;
Accessories: 12g butter, 25g dark chocolate, 32g milk powder, 7g cocoa powder, 150g cooked peanuts, salt 1g, sugar 18g.
Chocolate Peanut Candy Production Steps:
1. Peel and crush peanuts with a knife.
2. Put in the oven, middle, 120 degrees, and keep warm.
3. Chop the chocolate, dip the butter in the water and add, stir until completely melted, mix well, keep warm, set aside.
4. Add 6 grams of sugar to the egg whites and beat with a whisk until about 80% of the time.
5. Water, 12g sugar, salt, water malt into the pot, heat over medium heat.
6. Cook to 131 deg c and turn off.
7. Pour in the egg whites quickly and stir to combine quickly.
8. Turn to slow, pour melted chocolate and stir well.
9. Add milk powder and stir slowly to combine.
10. Add the cocoa powder and stir slowly to combine.
11. Pour the peanuts onto the nonstick cloth and pour the mixture onto the peanuts.
12. When hot, repeatedly fold and mix evenly, press the growing square, then cut it, cool it, and seal it.
Chocolate Peanut Candy Making Notes:
1. Do not burn too much sugar to avoid burning.
2. Stir the egg whites as they are poured into the syrup, quickly to prevent the syrup from solidifying as the temperature drops.
3. It's easier to cut chocolate peanut candy when it's not completely cooled.
After this introduction, you may know how to make chocolate peanut candy at home, if you have any question, please contact us for free.

Chocolate Peanut Candy
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