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Where can buy a toothpick making machine?


Where to buy suitable toothpcik making machine? Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery is a reliable manufacturer for toothpcik machinery.
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery bamboo and wood machinery factory, is specialized in the production of all kinds of bamboo and wood processing machinery manufacturers, products include bamboo stick machine, toothpicks making machine, chopsticks machine, various types, products are exported to countries in Asia and Africa, Europe, South America. Is your ideal and reliable manufacturer for choosing and buying equipment.
Wood Toothpick Making Machine
Zhengzhou LONGER Machiner is a professional research and development production two series of bamboo and wood products machinery manufacturers. Main machinery products: bamboo toothpick machine, wood toothpick production machine, toothpick processing equipment, food stick machinery, bamboo stick machine, chopsticks machine. Our factory has strong technical force, advanced and complete production equipment. Products are exported to all over the country and Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, and many other countries. In Henan province was awarded the consumer credit enterprise, credit enterprise of China electronic commerce credit, China light product quality guarantee key to promote enterprise.
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