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Suitable Machine Used To Make Waffle Ice Cream Cone


When you want to start business on ice cream cone production, it is necessary to know some suitable machines used to make ice cream cone. Usually there are two kinds of ice cream cones:Wafer and waffle type. There are many models for making wafer cone, here will introduce semi auto machine for waffle cone.
Semi Auto Machine for Making Ice Cream Cone
After years of perfect cooperation with customers and suggestions from customer at the same time, our company constantly update the product structure, improve and perfect, strive to make the best effect equipment performance. This series has the light body, beautiful and practical, easy operation, high automation degree, etc, make the operator reduce a lot of labor. The produced ice cream cone has uniform color, fragrant crisp delicious, clean sanitation. Products have been sold to major manufacturers and foreign countries, well received by customers. Sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, investigate, guide.

Performance and characteristics of Waffle Ice Cream Cone Making Machine
1. Automatic grouting, machine automatically open after baking the dough sheet, equipped with an ice cream cone rolling system; One man operation, convenient and practical. 
2. Thermostat adopts digital display temperature, temperature control, uniform color cone. 
3. Thickened insulation cotton, saving energy save electricity; The machine up and down for thickening plate resistance to high temperature. 
4. Good safety performance, high capacity, high efficiency. 
5. The cone size, thickness can be debugging. 
6. Can do stripe, grid, flat die cone of different patterns. 
7. Can do all kinds of grains, egg roll, corn/millet/black rice, sorghum/purple potato/red bean sesame/banana flavor cone, etc. 
8. Low oil low sugar, taste sweet and not greasy, taste crispy, suitable for young and old.
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