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FAQ about Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine


According to experience in selling automatic orange juice vending machine, juice vending machine manufacturer collect some frequently asked question from customers:
1. When can I return on investment? 
Investment return for small and medium-sized customers on fresh squeezed orange juice vending machine is superior to other items of the same investment level, each city's scale, consumption level, machine setting position, venue rental, personnel management, customer pay have difference, so the investment return time is different,  but under well in business and management, 6 to 12 months can recover the cost.
Automatic Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine
2. What are the main respects that need my initial investment? 
Customer initial investment is mainly used in the following areas: machine of one-time purchase, venue rental, consumables (with persistence of pure identification paper cup, lid).
3. Where can place this fresh squeezed juice vending machine? 
Mainly put in place with a high flow of customer traffic, including shopping malls, airports, high-speed, long-distance bus terminal, a large enterprise office, community, hospitals, cinemas, tourist attractions, children's park and so on.
4. Can i independently purchase oranges?
You, of course, in domestic, in view of the remote client can't timely purchasing oranges, manufacturers can assist with unified procurement. 

5. What need to pay attention to when purchasing oranges?
Orange size should range diameter from 60 to 80 mm; This size can ensure smooth completion of the juice and higher juice rate.
6. Things need to pay attention to for purchasing material(paper cup, lid)?
Paper cup, lid is better to be provided by the manufacturer, this model has high demanding for the size of paper cup, lid, any deviation will cause malfunction, affect the normal use and sales.
7. Can I independently work out the sale price of orange juice?
Ok, our factory is mainly responsible for production, sales of machinery and equipment, according to the demand of regional differences, and in order to ensure the customer's profit space, price of orange juice could be regulated and controlled by customers themselves.
8. Which after-sales service can i enjoy?
1) one year warranty, life-long maintenance.
2) 24 hours provide professional technical advisory services.
3) The training for purchasing machine.
9. After my payment, how long can receive the machines? How many days is production cycle of the machine?
After receiving the full payment, our factory arrange the production as soon as possible, general production cycle is 45 days.
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