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Mini Frying Machine for Banana Chips Business


       This mini single basket frying machine is very suiatble for the small banana chips making business, has been used in many different field, such as the restaurants, school canteens, hotels, bread market, snacks foods processing factory and so on.  Why this type machine is so popular in many fields? Because this machine without fumes when frying foods, that make the foods more clean. The whole parts of this machine is made of stainless steel, more healthy for people's body.  What really special of this machine is that the machine designed with the water-oil technology, which can reduce the impurities of the oil, improve the foods' healthy level.  This machine can control the temperature in the balanced level, that make the fried foods taste more delicious. Many businessmen will worry about the oil consumption during the frying, this machine can help you to solve this problem. It can reduce the 40% oil after frying foods, and also it can reduce the 40% electric when using it. 

       Due the small volume, this machine can be moved in anywhere you want, covers small area with low price, so that's your best choice to try a new business. There are stiil some question you should pay more sttention. You voltage whether is suitable for this machine, if not please 
inform the salestaff before the purchase. Which capacity you really want. Too large or small capacity may not suitable for you.  So you must have a clean plan. 

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