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Easiest Way to Slice Bananas


What is the easiest way to slice bananas? I don't think it's easier than banana slicing machine. Why i think this is the easiest way to slice bananas?
〇 The operation method is very simple, you only need to put the banana in the inlet, and it will automatically slice.
〇 The rotary cutter disc is used for cutting. The quality of the cut surface is good, the thickness of the product is uniform, the cut surface tissue is fresh, and the fibrous tissue is not damaged.
〇 The sectioning efficiency is high, the operation is convenient, the energy consumption is low, and the hygiene, safety and efficiency are high.
〇 The cutter is made of high-carbon chromium stainless steel, with high strength and hardness, and the blade is sharp without deformation.
 Banana Slice Machine
In addition, the machine can process fresh vegetables and fruits such as yam, sweet potatoes, potatoes, radishes, lemons into slices.
How to slice bananas by the machine?
1. Turn on the power switch and let the machine idle for a few minutes.
2. Put the banana into the entrance of the machine, automatically press down, and complete the slice automatically.
If you know other more easy method for slicing bananas, welcome to tell us.
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