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Pizza Cone Making Machine For Sale In UK


Our pizza cone making machine if for sale in UK now, and we have received five customers’ inquiry from UK. One of them has a special requirement about the size of the finished product, so we decide to custom for this customer.
The new pizza cone forming machine has a good appearance and is as tasty as traditional pizza cone. It is very easy to operate, and if you use this machine, then you don't need to hire a professional chef, which saves a lot of labor costs. And with the improvement of manufacturing technology, the process of producing the machine becomes easier. Its price has also become more acceptable. And the pizza cone can also be held in the hand as ice cream. This machine is suitable for tea restaurant, bakery, beverage shop, cake room, coffee shop, western restaurant, etc.
Features of pizza cone making machine for sale:
1. The introduction of advanced UK technology, sophisticated equipment, in the industry leading position.
2. Adjustable temperature, adjust the temperature of upper and lower mould according to different formula.
3. Built-in automatic alarm device, peripheral power indicator and core temperature alarm lamp.
4. Emergency stop button, as long as press, stop working immediately.
5. Fashion reasonable structure, all stainless steel production, durable.
The pizza cone making machine which for sale consists of a dough mixer, a dough cutter, a forming machine and a cone oven.
1. Dough mixer: mix water, flour, eggs and other ingredients to a dough.
2. Dough cutter: divide large dough into small dough.
3. Forming machine: put the dough on the machine to get the pizza cone.
4. Oven: put fruit, vegetables and other ingredients into the pizza cone and bake. Adjust the temperature in the oven according to different materials.
5. Show: pizza cones with shiny glass windows and light displays.
This machine is in hot selling in UK now, welcome to contact us for more details:
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UK Pizza Cone Making Machine
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