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Sold Peanut Candy Making Machine To Tamilnadu


Today we sold a complete peanut candy making machine to Tamilnadu. Tamilnadu is one of the biggest states of India, and we have sold the peanut candy making machine to Tamilnadu for second time.

Tamilnadu Customer
The production line is a special equipment for making peanut candy, it consists of the mixing part, the first forming part, the second forming part, the demoulding part, the cooling part and the conveying part. Positioning accuracy, high output.
1. The machine can make different finished products by changing the raw materials. The size of finished products can be adjusted by adjusting the parameters of the machine.
2. High molding efficiency, non-stick mold, and easy to mold.
3. It has the advantages of advanced structure, high automation, high productivity, energy saving and simple operation. Achieve the leading level of similar products in the country.
4. All functions of the machine are adjusted by using PLC controller, which is convenient to operate and saves time.
5. High quality roller design to ensure accurate molding.
6. The cooling equipment has excellent performance and is used for cooling and drying of finished products.
About Tamilnadu customer’s question
The Tamilnadu customer ask us many questions when inquiry for our machines, for example:
Is your machine fully automatic? Does your machine need manual control? And other questions, so let's do that in turn.
1. Our peanut candy machine is fully automatic, adopting PLC control system.
2. Although our machine is fully automatic, it needs manual control, in addition, preparation of materials also requires manual work.
3. If you are not sure whether our machine is suitable for your material, you can bring your raw materials to our factory for testing.

Peanut Candy Making Machine
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