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Technical Innovation of Extracting Peanut Butter


      Peanut butter is a very good health food, rich in vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, fiber and protein, it is an indispensable life condiments, but also the dairy manufacturers, pastry manufacturers are more like a kind of accessories accessories. It extensive use at the same time has the advantage of saving cost and improving product performance. Peanut butter for the color of brown, delicate texture, delicious, usually as  a ingredients used for making cookies, sweet buns. Peanut butter made by the high-quality raw materials such as peanuts processed into finished hard-and-mud-like, with rich fried peanut flavor. Quality peanut butter is generally light beige, delicate quality, aroma, no impurities.  
      According to different tastes, peanut butter is divided into sweet, salty two types. Peanut butter is quite a nutritional value of table food,  application is more wildly in the Western foods. Generally divided into two kinds of smooth peanut butter and coarse grains peanut butter, coarse grain is in the production of peanut butter and then add peanut particles to increase its taste, the other also put the honey into the peanut butter, but not very common. 
With the development of the extracting technology, the peanut butter making machine is become more meet the requirement of the peanut butter process. This new generation peanut butter grinding machine designed with the feeding lifts,continuous roasting machine, peanut butter cooling machine, unloading machine, storage tank, mixing machine and other accessorial parts in the whole making line. The grinding system can grinding the materials well though repeating grinding. Capacity can be reference by your factory fact.
      New peanut butter extracting technology of peanut butter making machine can bring people high level foods standard, this whole machine can produce natue peanut butter, stable peanut butter, smooth peanut butter, salty peanut butter, sweet peanut butter, granulated peanut butter, etc, just depending on customers’ need. 

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