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How to Blending Sugar Paste with Large Capacity


Blending large capacity sugar once time need a special machine, that's is the sugar pot mixing machine, this mixing machine is mainly used for blending the sugar into paste or sauce.  It is consists of the boiler body and tilting frame, we can add the blending according to your need.  At present, this sugar mixing machine has been used in the food processing and medicine fields, the sugar can be melt very well the heating system. This machine also be used in making soup, stew porridge in some big restaurants, school canteen and so on. 
Features of sugar paste blending machine
1. Efficient heating ability
Sugar mixer can withstand a certain pressure of steam as a heat source. With a large heating area, heating uniformity, high thermal efficiency, short heating time, easy to control the heating temperature.
2. Special tilt function
The boiler body can be tilted less than 90 degrees, very convinent to remove final product.
3. Environmental protection
Smoke-free, clean, less carbon, no environmental pollution.

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