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Longer Machinery Starch Hydrocyclone Working Principle


Starch hydrocyclone, which belongs to the liquid hydrocyclone, the hydrocyclone working principle is similar to the gas hydrocyclone. It is separated by a different suspension position of the centrifugal force and the specific gravity of the particles. The material enters the tangential position of the swirl pipe with certain pressure, rotates in the tube and produces large centrifugal force, which moves downward along the tube wall and is discharged by the bottom flow hole. The particles with small specific gravity are rotated upwards around the center and discharged by the overflow.
The starch hydrocyclone is the ideal equipment for refining, washing and concentrating starch by separating coarse starch from most protein and other light substances by centrifuge. It can replace the separation unit. It has smaller area, simple structure, no vibration, easy maintenance and reliable operation than the 4 separators. The production of the same quality starch is 50% less than the separator, and the operation is easy and the maintenance cost is low.

Longer Machinery Starch Hydrocyclone

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