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Ice Cream Crisp Cone Making Machine Sold to Denmark


A whole line of ice cream crispy cone making machine sold to Denmark,it's a good thing for our company this week. As we all know that the Denmark is a  Nordic country, a very cold place, but the people in there are very like to eat the ice cream cone, becuse they like to eat the weet foods to keep their body warm. This customer has opened a ice cream factroy for export, he said the Denmark ice cream has been world-famous today, he must catch the chance for his business.  So he bought two crisp cone production lines for his factory. If these machines are used very well, he will buy other machines in the future. 
Features of crisp cone production line:
1. Different capacity can be customize acording the customers' requirement. 
2. Electric heating way and gas heating way can be choosed. 
3. Different size of cones can be customized.
4. High degree of automation.
Ice Cream Crisp Cone Making Machine
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