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American Customer Visited Our Company for Chinchin Making Machine


         Today a new customer from America came to our company for the chinchin making machine.  He was born in Nigeria, and grew up in the United States, he doing the chinchin foods for nearly 15 years. Recently, he want to expand his factory, need ten chinchin making machines in his factory, so he found us in China. Firstly, he visited our office and was amazed when he saw the picture in our customers show wall, because there was  a photo of our boss and the governor of Ayad, he felt very  happy and comforting about that. Secondly, this afternoon our salesmen has taken him to the machine manufacturer. Hope we can make a long-term cooperation.

1. Capacity of this machine is about 50 to 100 kg per hour.
1. Dual-band feed, synchronous operation, thereby ensuring the dough degree from damage.
2. Automatically on the powder, can make more uniform noodles.
3. Multi-level control, sub-files to suppress, proofing better.
4. Special  structure of this cutting machin, it can cut more thorough and more standard size.
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