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Precautions of Frying Chickpea


Chickpeas frying would better use the Chickpeas frying machines, the final products will taste more delicious. With this chickpeas frying machinemaking fried chickpea taste is same delicious as the beans, tasting fragrant and crisp is more suitable for women.
Making process of Fried pepper:
1. chickpea should be soaked in advance (about 24 hours).
2. put the oil to the machine about 4 mins, then put the chickpea into the golden oil.
3. during frying, check the chickpeas' color, untill they become yellow.
4. pick them into the pan,and then put the salt and black pepper broken on them, final mixng them well. 
5. if once time can not eat up, you would better put them into a container.
Fried pepper and pepper small Tip:
1. you should control the furnace when fring.
2. when we face the hot oil splash, you must be cautious and careful to ensure that you are not to be scalded,  but if you using the professional frying machine, this situation will not occur.

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