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Wet Noodles Making Machine for Sale


        This wet noodles making machine can not only make the dry noodles, but also can make the wet noodles in the noodles manufacturer.  So this machine is very muntifunction noodles processing equipment.  This noodles machine designed with different capacity.  The number of machine's rolls directly determines the output, such as the 5 rollers noodles making machine, 6 rollers noodles machine, 7 roller noodles machine, 8 rolleres noodles machine, 9 rollers noodles making machine and so on. If you want more big cappacity of the machine, we can also designed the more big capacity for you. The difference of dry noodles and wet noodles noodles, there is a drying noodles machine. First time the noodles made by this machine is wet( fresh), if you want the dry noodles, you can dry them under the sun, or add one drying machine. We can also offer the noodles packing machine for you if you are need. 

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