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Automatic Sugar Cone Rolled Equipment Details


The whole sugar cone rolled euqipment designed with two parts, one is the sugar cone baking machine and another is the sugar cone rolling machine.  Whole making machine consists of 15 single egg roll machine, automatic cutting, egg roll mature machine automatically.  The use of high-quality electrical components, temperature control freely.  Final sugar cone looks very beautiful and crisp.  Automatic sugar cone roll machine is the current best-selling machine for the sugar cone market. The egg rolls made uniform fire color, bright color, crisp and delicious, clean health Health. The sugar is suitable for the old and yong people in daily life. Volume is the urban and rural areas of all ages of popular food, with its entrance that, rich flavor, taste crisp, nutritious and loved by the people.  

Electricity movable sugar cone rolling up and down for the 
thicker plate (which overcome the old-fashioned sugar cone shortcomings). This machine is reasonable, can heat sugar evenly, security, good performance, high temperature with bright color. It is an ideal euqipment for making sugar cone in factory.  

Sugar cone baking machine picture: 
sugar cone rolled machine

Sugar cone rolling machine picture: 
automatic sugar cone rolling machine price


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