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Anti-sticking Peanut Brittle Bar Machine Principle


This peanut brittle bar machine also called the peanut candy machine mainly consist of the the peanuts skin peeling machine(dry type), sugar pot mixing machine, materials blending machine, material spreading machine, automatic cutting machine and packing machine, etc. High working automaticlly reduce the problem during control the machine. And the raw different material proportion blending level can reduce the material stick machine during the working process.  Actually, too dry will not forming easily, too wet will not easy to stick the machine press rollers. Thus, the proportion about the material should pay more attention to.  This machine can press the peanuts materials into the flat pieces, and cutted into different  size of the final peanuts brittle bar according your need.  Suitable for different materials brittle produing work. 
The price of the whole peanut brittlr bar machine infulenced by some elements. Such as the capacity, raw machine materil, country, shipment. etc.  All these elements should be considered when buying machines. So, there are also some small different about the price. The more details of the final machine price, please ask for salesmen the quotation. 
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